I am appalled at the comments I am seeing about Gabby Douglass’s hair. I mean are you FUCKING kidding me! She is a young girl who is making a name for herself. Queen Gabby is the first African -American gymnast to receive a gold medal! && people have the nerve to comment on her hair. ? her hair ?!!. Whats even worse all the nasty, negative comments are coming from my people…Black people!. When did hair supersede talent ?? So here is the thing we can no longer get mad at nor speak about Don Imus or anyone else who so happens to call us “nappy headed hoes” because we let the same filth fall from our mouths towards the ones who look just like us.


Ps while your daughter is twerking at the local wal-mart in the electronics section…Gabby is toasting to the stars in London.  ^.^